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If you have ever wanted a real challenge, this is exactly what you're looking for. This mod makes enderdragon fight an epic action where without enchanted diamond equipment and tons of skill, you'll be just fighting to survive the battle.

Dragon now has more abilities, he can bite with his poisonous teeth, strongly push you, and when you destroy most of the TNT-throwing crystals, you're just one step closer to death.

In angry mode, the dragon has 6 new attacks with AI. Being unprepared to extreme conditions and not paying attention to where the dragon is lowers your chance to fight. But it has some goods. After you kill the dragon, you'll get about 300 levels and epic overpowered battlegear (power depends on difficulty).

The mod also comes with 5 epic songs created by Qwertygiy, you can have about 18 epic songs (9 for calm dragon, 9 for angry mode) that will play during the battle.
HED is being rewritten for Forge, here's the progress:
Dragon + AI100%
Entities (fireballs, crystals...)100%
End generation100%
Blocks (obsidian, egg)100%
Bugfixes, improvements100%
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Published on Jul 14 2013, 14:43
I finally got some free time to work on the Hardcore Enderdragon mod, so I'm posting an update progress article, because I've already finished and planned a lot of stuff to make all of you die. I'm such a loving person :).

If you have any ideas, feel free to post them in comments. I will mostly accept deadly, but not unfair ideas, but post whatever you want, I'll consider all of them. Thanks to everyone for supporting me, with motivation and ideas during the mod development :).

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Published on Oct 16 2012, 21:57
Hey, I'll be testing SMP version of the update soon (in about 12 hours), and I want you to participate! If you're interested, check the article for more information about what's new in the update, how can you join and stuff like that!
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Published on Jun 18 2012, 21:57


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