Beta8 update progress

I finally got some free time to work on the Hardcore Enderdragon mod, so I'm posting an update progress article, because I've already finished and planned a lot of stuff to make all of you die. I'm such a loving person :).

If you have any ideas, feel free to post them in comments. I will mostly accept deadly, but not unfair ideas, but post whatever you want, I'll consider all of them. Thanks to everyone for supporting me, with motivation and ideas during the mod development :).

Click Read full article to see the list of changes that are finished/being worked on.

The list is not finished, more features may appear here!


  • Stealth attack (not special)
  • New special attack, secret


  • Complete AI revamp
    • Easier to program in new attacks
    • AI - Attack efficiency tracking = more clever attack picking
    • AI - Dragon's being more careful as his health goes down
    • AI - Dragon is much more likely to pick weaker players as targets
    • Attack - Stay'n'fire's length more depends on damage the dragon's taken
    • Attack - Tweaked some attacks to be faster (for ex. freezer)


  • Performance optimizations
  • SMP friendly biting
  • Wing speed fixed
Published on Oct 16 2012, 21:57


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Jan 06 2013, 17:44

you could make you slow then ram at you pushing you in the air and far away

Sep 20 2012, 05:43

if u can make the enderdragon impenetrable from certein angles on the top so u cannot just climb up a tower and shoot him from above


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