Testing new version - test has ended!

Hey, I'll be testing SMP version of the update soon (in about 12 hours), and I want you to participate! If you're interested, check the article for more information about what's new in the update, how can you join and stuff like that!

First, the update is almost finished, there is list of all features that are finished or being worked on:

  • Whirlwind attack instead of that unfinished pickup
  • When you destroy ender crystal, up to 5 endermen around it will attack you
  • Obsidian has physics, enderdragon scatters them around when he goes through a tower
  • SMP bugfixes, some tweaks, cleaned code

Work in progress
  • Better death (extinguishing fire, endermen stop attacking, some effects), disappearing End after he dies
  • "Safe spot" or attack tweaking - the dragon won't attack you right when you get to the End

I will be polishing the details and finishing last stuff that I want to make, and I really want to make sure it hasn't many bugs and everything works fine, so I'll be doing a test on vanilla SMP. I will use vanilla non-compatible server mod, so I will send you the SSP version of the mod so you can join :).

What I need you to do, is just to contact me. Preferred way to do it is Skype or ICQ/QIP, so please check the Contact section and contact me as soon as possible! Testing will probably start at 20:00 GMT/12:00 PST, so be prepared soon. If you want to ask anything, contact me or send a comment! :)

Download updated mod, install it (instructions are here) and join the server!

IP: mc.fo2.cz

Published on Jun 18 2012, 21:57


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Jun 19 2012, 00:18

Maybe tomorrow, maybe during the weekend, I'll see because I'll be pretty busy making mini mods, finishing the enderdragon mod... add me on skype or icq (see Contact section) and I'll notify you ;).

Jun 18 2012, 22:59

When will the next test be? And how many people were there this time?

Jun 18 2012, 21:57

Sorry, we've started an hour ago and finished the test, but I'll do probably another one soon, hopefully with seto and more people :).

Jun 18 2012, 21:53

I cant reach the server.


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