[1.6.2 or newer][FORGE] Shatter glass



Pull your bow all the way, and the arrow will go through up to 5 pieces of glass blocks!


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Oct 14 2014, 16:43

I think an auto-smelting enchantment mod on a pickaxe could be cool.

Jan 20 2014, 21:45

I have a more personal request, could you make it to where falling or sprinting through glass will break it too?

Jan 03 2014, 22:25

weirdo iron is stronger than glass glass makes more sense you could only shoot through iron bars

Oct 14 2013, 09:03

Hi I think a good mod would be craftable command blocks that work in survival

Oct 12 2013, 08:31

Can you make a dye placed hardened clay mod? And in 1.7 placed glass?

Oct 11 2013, 06:29

I am begging you, please add a mod for spawning on a beach! I didn't have a chance to have a beach spawn, but I really feel like that would be cool.

Oct 06 2013, 09:15

arrows can't break through iron...

Oct 05 2013, 23:15

I think it would make kind of more sence if you choose iron bars instead of glass.

Sep 28 2013, 01:15

Statement "it doesn't add or improve anything" could not be more wrong...

Sep 27 2013, 14:25

Why not a mod where you can stack potions or something useful in survival.

Night Haunter
Sep 24 2013, 07:30

are you serious.....what is the point of this mod....its just a novelty it doesnt add or improve anything in the game

Sep 18 2013, 04:54

and also sets your hearts to 1 half

Sep 18 2013, 04:54

or one thats an insta kill to most mobs takes away most of your hunger and turns you to hardcore mode for 2 seconds

Stan Does Minecraft
Sep 15 2013, 08:18

Chylex and Seto, Make a mod that adds in a new kick button that reduces hunger but, deals 2 hearts.


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