Mod nameDescriptionAvailability
Butter modNo more gold! It's now butter!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Better sprintingBinds sprinting to a custom key (compatible with optifine!)SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Spam enchantment for bowsEnchantment that returns old bow behavior.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Head dropsLegit way of getting all heads, and you can even rename them!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Admin GUIMultiplayer interface with customizable buttons affecting players.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Sniper bow enchantmentUltrazoom and shoot with maximum precision!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Note block tunerPiano GUI for selecting note block pitch.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Stone brick recipesRecipes for all types of stone bricks.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Rare dropsAll hostile and neutral mobs have rare drops!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Vintage creepersSurvival test creepers are back, they explode when they die!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Sugar rushHyperactive players ftw!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
(Unnamed) ocean modBig mod that makes oceans overall better!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Night vision enchantmentVery rare helmet enchantment for night vision!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Upside down torchesPlace torches on bottom side of blocks!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Freeze enchantmentEnchantment for boots that freezes water and lava below you!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Editable signsChange text on signs without breaking them!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Fall damage reducerCertain blocks reduce fall damage.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Bonemeal allMore stuff to bonemeal.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Dye placed woolRightclick a wool block to dye it.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Forbidden menuExtends creative menu with command block, dragon egg and more!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Tomahawk modThrow tomahawks (axes) like a boss, kill most mobs in one hit!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Experience enchantmentGet more experience with a new enchantment.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Super heat enchantmentSmelts instantly stuff you mine, except stone.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Rideable pigsBetter saddle functionality - craftable, rideable, droppable :DSSP   SMP   Bukkit
No anvil limitRemove the anvil limit of 40 levels!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Drop boatBoat drops itself instead of wood and sticks.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Zombie nostalgiaGood old zombies, droppin' feathers.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Absorbing chests+Chests, dispensers, furnaces, jukeboxes and brewing stands absorb dropped stuff!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Jump/Speed enchantmentNew enchantments for boots!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Craftable iceCraft ice + introducing new recipe loaderSSP   SMP   Bukkit
Heavy anvilsAnvils break glass and glowstone!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Throwable slimeballsSlowdown mobs with slimeballs!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Classic spongesSponges clear out 5x5x5 area around them like in Classic version.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Battle catsUse cats to battle mobs like wolves do!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Branch leavesSticks in leaves.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Mob catcher enchantmentGet mob eggs with a mob catcher enchantment!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Eat in hurryEat while running! Takes 3 times longer though.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Creative enderpearlsUse enderpearls in creative mode!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Molten glassPlace sand near lava, and it'll turn into glass!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Old bonemealDon't like the nerf of bonemeal in 1.5? Change it back!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Fire grenadesThrow fire charges! Make a mess!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Mini mod pack 1-5Pack of minimod episodes 1-5!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Craftable myceliumCraft mycelium using dirt and mushrooms.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Burning skellysEver wanted wither skeletons in the overworld? Maybe farm them? This is the solution!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Melon spawningNaturally spawning melons near water!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Jukebox replayUse redstone to loop jukebox track.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Throwable bricksEnjoy destroying stuff by throwing bricks!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Bed napsSleep anytime you want.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Bone dropGet bones from regular animals!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Mycelium cowsFeed cows with mushroom blocks, they also eat mycelium.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Craftable spongeCraft sponges for decoration purposes!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Redye stained clayDye stained clay infinitely! Same recipe as dying hardened clay.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Jockey armyNew AI for skeletons and spiders to form spider jockeys!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Michael Bay modSelf-explanatory :D.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Craftable nether brickEasy way to get nether bricks for some decoration!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Old book recipeAdds back old recipe for making books.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Mini mod pack 1-9Pack of minimod episodes 1-9!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Freezing iceIce freezes water around it.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Exp on deathYou'll lose only 30% of your exp when you die.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Sacred fireKill blazes to get fire!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Adjacent cactusesPlace cactuses next to each other!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Porkchop reborn modZombie pigmen drop cooked porkchops as they used to in alpha and beta!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Edible madnessEat glistering melons and fermented spider eyes!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Push obsidianUse pistons to push obsidian, a very simple mod.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Potion extinguishThrowing splash mundane potion extinguishes fire!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Throwable bucketsThrow water and lava buckets to create remote liquid stream!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Flaming netherrackNetherrack burns forever on all sides.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Ice breakingWhen you fall on ice, it has a chance of breaking.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Plant shroomsPlant mushrooms in sunlight for bonemealing!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Earth breakerSand and gravel crumble when you fall!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Retrievable fireMine fire with silk touch to retrieve fire item!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Dispense TNTUse dispenser to dispense primed TNT.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Flesh dealersTrade rotten flesh with villagers! Also, get emeralds for killing them :D.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Wool puncherPunch sheep, get wool!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Rotate logsSneak + rightclick a log block to rotate it!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Slow lavaSecond mod to revert a 1.5 change, which is the fast lava in nether!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Snowman spawnerAll snow biomes now can spawn snowmen.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Recoil enchantmentAutomatically hurt enemies when they touch you!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Storage modOne click transfer from/to chest.SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Shear cobwebsDestroy cobwebs using shears to get the actual block!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Slime fusionWhen two slimes meet, they can fuse into a bigger slime!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Vine climberUse shift to climb vines, even if there's no block behind them!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Ladders'n'fencesEver dreamed to put ladders on fences? Now you can! :DSSP   SMP   Bukkit
Bat dropsBats now drop feathers and bones!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Sturdier arrowsHave a chance of getting your arrow back!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
TNT settingsAdjust fuse and radius of TNT explosion!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Obsidian XPGain experience by mining obsidian!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
TNT defuserDefuse primed TNT using shears!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Snowball patchThrow a snowball to make snow sheet!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
The cake is a lie!Multiplayer mod to make cakes blow up! :DSSP   SMP   Bukkit
Wood converterConvert wood planks to other colors!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Dye placed carpetsFollowing the very old Dye placed wool minimod, you can do the same with carpets!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Deepsea spongesSponges now naturally generate inside oceans!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Melon breakingBeware, because the melons can fall and break into pieces!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Shatter glassShoot glass with a bow to break it!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Poison Blade EnchantmentPoison enchantment for your sword!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Poison Protection EnchantmentProtect yourself from Poison!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Undead horsesTurn horses into zombie or skeleton horses, just give them rotten flesh or bones!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Minimod compilation packPack of all updated minimodsSSP   SMP   Bukkit
Supersized ZombieFeed zombies rotten flesh to get a giant!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Undo book modEver wanted to rewrite something in your book? Just craft the book with some wool!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Wild bushesRandom small bushes that spawn in the plains biome!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Forever nightNever see day again!SSP   SMP   Bukkit
Hardcore enderdragonEpic End battle with more than 6 new dragon attacks, music and epic reward!no info available


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