So, how's it with updating?

Many people were constantly spamming comments with short messages like 'UPDATE!!!', and after a long time, I finally dug into my updating process and realized how much efficiently I could be doing stuff. After a few little programs I made to make everything simpler and faster, I can now update one mod in about 2 to 10 minutes, that depends on size of the mod.

At pace of updating about 6 minimods every day (that depends on school), it'll take just a bit over a week to get all minimods updated. If I can do more, I will. But no promises ;).

By the time I'm writing this post, I have 11 minimods updated, some of them still need to be uploaded but that should be fairly quick. If you're really, really desperate to have a certain mod, post a comment into this post and I'll increase its priority ;).

Now, how about modpacks? I've got almost every source code of all minimods in one folder, so it shouldn't take that much time to do modpacks now. I can't promise it being compatible with forge though, but at least, the minimods will be compatible. I don't want to say an exact date, but I'll start working on the modpack after I finish updating, and it shouldn't take longer than a day.

If you have any questions about updating, or want a mod to be updated faster, feel free to leave a comment here, and if you want, I wouldn't mind a small donation for all the work :) (not forcing you, it just makes me happy :D).

Published on Jan 07 2013, 23:18


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Dec 10 2013, 00:44

I heard what happend to seto. Those guys have no heart

Oct 17 2013, 21:45

Some can't be updated anymore, or are outdated. In 1.7, there should be some new features in Forge that will open new possibilities and allow updating several of the mods.

Oct 16 2013, 04:25

I don't believe you. Some mods aren't updated.

Oct 13 2013, 01:52

Good job noticing that minimods have forge compatibility for months and you're reading an article that's almost a year old :)

button pusher
Oct 12 2013, 10:29

if you don't make Forge compatibility a priority, hardly anyone will care to download anything found here. Everyone is using modpacks now. Don't believe me? Turn on Youtube for 5 minutes. Open the FTB launcher once. *facepalm

Apr 11 2013, 03:03

hey there man hows it going? I see its been over 3 months since you've posted it but we all know less then a quarter of minimods have been updated! since youre taking suggestions I would really like to ask for the tomahawk update or the Butter update! I see some are 1.5 and we appreciate it but due to reconfiguring in the new update none of them will work for 1.5.1,thanks for everything you guys do!

Apr 10 2013, 03:33

could you update the tomahawk mod? I never got to try it, and every recent comment on that mods page is update spam. Also, I'd like the eat in a hurry mod updated, if you would :)

Apr 07 2013, 23:11

Pleas update the most popular mod, Head Drops

Apr 07 2013, 18:44

Could you do a cobwebs recipe? 5 string like; x x for 2 webs??? x x x

Mar 25 2013, 20:24

can u update head drops and try and make it compatible with SMP?

Mar 23 2013, 00:49

Can You Update Head Drops Mod Dor 1.5?

Mar 04 2013, 15:31

Can you get, for 1.4.7, Bed naps, Editable Signs, Jump/Speed Enchant, & Experience Enchant updated?


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