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Published on Jun 26 2016, 20:09


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Jan 03 2014, 22:30

can u make a mod that allows u to craft and break end portal frames

Jan 03 2014, 22:28

can u make mod that allows u to craft command blocks and use command blocks in survival

Aug 01 2013, 20:13

Congratulations on 3000 subscribers on YouTube you deserve it!

juicer421 on xbox360
Jun 26 2013, 22:50

I am going to get minecraft for pc but I want to get to talk to skydoesminecraft and for him to friend me is there any way I could because he is a game role model for me

May 05 2013, 02:30

Zeron_Ryb It lets youtubers like sky, sundee, antvenum, etc do what?

Apr 30 2013, 13:18

hey i was looking at your mini mods and i thought of a new mod YOU TUBER MOD it is a mod that lets really good youtubers like sky, sundee, antvenum, and all those guys and maybe more just give it an idea i don't know how to create mods but i know you do so please can you help me make this mod? thanks and my name i wont give out so i just use my minecraft name Zeron_Ryb

Apr 14 2013, 02:29

Hey check your mail.

Mar 08 2013, 06:29

hey there i just thought, about a mod for NPCs in the nether? like lost souls in hell.....was thinking about building cities of the damned in the nether

Feb 25 2013, 01:16

A Bukkit plugin that does the same thing as ep 32 mini mod which takes off the level cap. :D

Jan 27 2013, 18:42

Sup, Could you guys do a Dual Wielding mod by any chance? that would be awesome. LATER

Dec 23 2012, 04:36

Could you guys do a mod that makes gold armor and tools stronger? You know, between iron and diamond. I mean it sucks how it makes wood tools look good am I right?

Dec 05 2012, 06:36

OMG, the butter mod is amazing! please update to version 1.4.5! PLEASE

Nov 24 2012, 22:34

*foams at the mouth* need netherbrick lol

Nov 14 2012, 15:42

Every update is on my twitter, so just check about 10 latest tweets to see what's going on ;).

Nov 14 2012, 08:09

sorry been missing your twitter stuff any chance of a new craftable nether brick mod?

Nov 03 2012, 16:51

Follow my twitter for news about updating ;).

Nov 03 2012, 13:02

hey there any luck with netherbrick mod for 1.4.2? please please please

Oct 30 2012, 13:53

There will be updates for 1.4.2, it might (and will) take a little bit of time though.

Oct 30 2012, 09:12

hey there any updates for 1.4.2? can i beg and plead for netherbrick mod for 1.4.2?

Oct 27 2012, 11:58

Not yet, there will be updates to 1.4.2 in a few days, maybe few weeks because it takes a lot of time to update.

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