[1.6.1 or newer][FORGE] Throwable bricks



You can now throw bricks, which is something I though it was in the game. It wasn't, but there's the mod to do it, when you throw a brick, it'll destroy glass, glass panes, glowstone and if you throw it on a mob, it'll injure them. Sadly I didn't get it to work on SMP, but I will probably work on it a little bit more, to figure out how to do it :).


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Changelog for v1

  • Updated v1 to 1.6.1 or newer

Download v1 [1.5.1 + 1.5.2]

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Changelog for v1

  • Updated v1 to 1.5.1 + 1.5.2

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Changelog for v1

  • Updated to 1.3.1
  • Added SMP compatibility
  • Glass/glowstone breaking is much more precise

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Changelog for v1

  • First version of the mod



(showing 1 to 19 out of 19)
Sep 23 2013, 01:18

I want it so bad but how do I get it

Butter boy
Jun 09 2013, 13:22

Throwing brick is the best cause you can grief peoples house and stuff and just beat the heck out Of them

Jun 02 2013, 23:03


May 31 2013, 06:38

Does this work with the new nether brick as well?

May 18 2013, 03:29

Yay!They are like the minecraft beta 1.7 bows. Fast!

May 11 2013, 13:41

Sorry, but we explained our reasoning behind using Forge. No forge = no updates.

Why forge!?
May 11 2013, 04:38

This is unfair put it back to non forge and non modloader :(

Mar 08 2013, 02:16

Hey chylex I want to be able to use all your minimods since you implement stuff that isn't gamebreaking (as in no incompatibility to updating I have been looking for mods that are gamechanging, yet small) Love your mods gonna install them all once they get updsted as many as possible now please update this one in particular for now :) Thx for your hard work on maintaining these mods :)

Feb 03 2013, 02:44

Can You Make A Mod That Makes Any Mod Get Charged By Right Clicking It And It Is Called Charged Mobs And No Minecraft Forge

Jan 21 2013, 05:27

Please update to 1.4.7

Jan 13 2013, 05:01

Y u no update to 1.4

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jan 07 2013, 17:21


Jan 04 2013, 02:58

1.4.6 plz

Dec 04 2012, 02:36

plz update this

Nov 30 2012, 13:33

In 1.3.2

Nov 30 2012, 13:31

May i have the throwablebrick mob pls

Nov 24 2012, 21:42

please make a 1.4.5 update for this mod cuz i want to chuck frickin' bricks at stuff

Nov 05 2012, 04:03

please update to 1.4.2 thx love ur mods

Sep 23 2012, 02:27

Update for 1.3.2 please


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