[1.2.5] (Unnamed) ocean mod

alpha v1
The main idea is from setosorcerer, because he wanted better oceans :). This mod doesn't have a name yet, it's WIP (work in progress), so if you have any ideas, either for the name or the mod itself, contact me, you can use comments too. This mod, until the release of 1.3 with combined singleplayer and multiplayer will be SSP only (if I decide to release alpha version).


Finished / Being worked on / To-do later
  • Deeper oceans, bigger beaches
  • Pearls from seashells
  • Seashells
  • Pirate ships
  • Improve fishing (only in oceans)
  • Fishing rod enchantments
  • More structures and mobs
  • Tons of other stuff (have some ideas?)


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Changelog for alpha v1

  • First released version of the mod
  • Seashells
  • Pearls for water breathing potion
  • Pirate ships
  • Fishing rod enchantments
  • Ocean exclusive fishing loot
  • Terrain generation changes



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Oct 31 2012, 02:15

ok, how bout u add seeable fish in all water?

Oct 11 2012, 01:37

update update

Sep 22 2012, 02:52

Add Underwater Temples/Dungeons with a treasure at the end.

Sep 20 2012, 05:40

make sure light can travel through the top of the ocean like it works in real life also make sure it is compatible with optifine because that would end up making people use it more... mod compatibility is a major thing for minecrafters and hope to see u make it into mojang some day u seem really awesome and deserve to wrok in a game development place like that.. hugs from seto:)

Jul 29 2012, 18:43

Will you tell me a seed and the coords to a pirate ship? im trying to do a showcase on this and i want to add the pirate ship in the showcase because i can't seem to find any

Jul 29 2012, 17:31

Im going to showcase this my nickname is my channel if you want to see the review this seems like a cool mod so im going to showcase it :)

Jul 29 2012, 16:22

thanks Chylex I can't wait to finally try out the Oceans mod

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