Better Sprinting now works with SPC!

I've finished a patch for Better Sprinting mod, that allows you to use both Single Player Commands and Better Sprinting, which is something a couple people were requesting :).

To install both of the mods, first install SPC, then Better Sprinting (link is in the main article ^) and in the Download section, there's also a downloadable patch, right under the installation guide link (starts with If you want to have this mod and SPC...). Download BS and install it, and after that, download the patch and install it too.

Now try if both of the mods work, if they won't, contact me through comments or Contact section, but I've tested it, so there's probably something wrong on your side.

If you have trouble with the mod, make sure you've done everything right - installed the mods in the right order, deleted META-INF from minecraft.jar... if you did it and it still doesn't work, send a comment here and I'll try to answer you as soon as possible, usually in like 3 hours if I'm awake :).
Published on Jul 06 2012, 18:11


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