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This list contains all minimods that were rewritten for Forge. Most of them work, or are updated to the latest version. You can download a compilation pack which contains most of the minimods listed. The recipe minimods and The cake is a lie! are not included in the pack!

Download the compilation pack

Currently I've been working on adapting the minimods for the new resource system, most of the listed minimods have already been updated, some may take a while. The compilation pack hasn't been updated yet.

Published on Jan 19 2014, 02:37


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Oct 25 2013, 21:47

It hasn't been updated.

Oct 25 2013, 02:42

throwable buckets mod is not in the mod pack. is this intended?

Sep 15 2013, 01:21

There's a link to the compilation pack above the list of minimods. We have explained reasoning for using Forge. Without it, there would be NO minimods.

Sep 14 2013, 23:11

could you make a way to get all the mods in one? and not on forge cuz on some computers it isnt possable to get forge and it is way easer to just add it to a version

Sep 08 2013, 18:50

My suggested mini mod: Mario breakable bricks mod How I want the mod to work: when you have a mario hat (R equals red wool and W means white) crafted in this pattern -----> RW RRR When you wear It gives you jump boost II and when you hit a brick with your head while jumping it breaks and gives you a butter nugget. That is my suggestion I don't have a YouTube so I can't suggest to him on his videos but can u tell him my suggestion chylex if you do thx

Sep 05 2013, 00:08

How Do I Get The Pack?

Aug 12 2013, 00:03

There is one, read the beginning.

Aug 11 2013, 22:04

Please make a modpack for this

Jul 24 2013, 15:59

Read the comments on that mod, it's been updated by someone else so for me, it'd be a waste of time :)

JoeBob III
Jul 24 2013, 06:46

is it possible to update no anvil limit or will that just be stuck in 1.4.7

Jun 30 2013, 22:15

I don't know if you follow my twitter, but the recipe minimods should be fixed, as I stated there few days ago :).

Jun 29 2013, 05:18

Okay thanks chylex and i am honored that you responded to my comment. It means a lot to me. I am a fan.

Jun 23 2013, 16:30

Well, I'm looking forward to more mini mods updated! I really hope that you sometime could make a mini mod that allows you to have Butter be more durable than the vanilla MC one. Like, durabilty between Wood and Stone. Well, you choose.

Jun 23 2013, 15:57

Pastebin is a website where you can put long logs. What MC version are you using, which version of Forge do you install, do you have any other mods?

Jun 23 2013, 14:12

The recipe mods make my game crash and my computer (for some reason) never saves crash reports. I install minecraft forge then i put the mod in my mods folder. Crash. Then i try installing Minecraft forge and putting the mod in the jar. Crash. Then i try using Magic Launcher. Crash. Then i tried not having optifine installed. Crash. I know there could be many different variables but those are what i thought of. This only happens with the recipe mods. Thank you for your time reading this comment. And i have a mac so if i have pastebin it would be somewhere i cant find it.

Jun 22 2013, 13:00

Use pastebin for the report, I don't want huge crash reports here on site so nobody would see other comments and I don't forbid putting links here ;)

Jun 22 2013, 07:34

Also, I think it would be good if you had a video that shows you how to install recipe repository mods nowadays. I understand video tutorials better for some reason.

Jun 22 2013, 07:32

I tried both ways(mods and minecraft.jar), but I can't put in the crash report because of the darn character limit.

Jun 21 2013, 16:26

Could you provide more information please? Just saying "crash" is not enough, also make sure you've installed it correctly first.

Jun 21 2013, 14:09

I got a crash from Craftable Mycelium(downloaded from Recipe Repository)

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