In regards of mod updating - recipe mods

Short article about some changes I'm planning to do, concerning all recipe minimods. If you didn't know it, every single recipe minimod uses my own private system RecipeLoader to make every recipe mod compatible, so I'm planning a brand new download system for the recipe mods.

--- EDIT ---

Custom recipe downloader is done, you can access it by clicking this link! Select recipe minimods you want and download them all at once!

A little about RecipeLoader

RecipeLoader are 3 class files (one of them is a base class = overwrites existing class in minecraft.jar) for custom recipes. Installation is easy, inside each recipe minimod file, there are those 3 class files and a recipe folder containing txt files with custom recipes, and evereything belongs into minecraft.jar! No mods folder or anything like that, just copy class files and the folder straight into minecraft.jar.

Plans on improvements

What I am planning, is a website where you can select which new sets of recipes do you want (old book recipe, saddle recipe, stonebrick recipes, anything from existing minimods), minecraft version and it creates a .zip file for download.

I'm hopefully going to finish this soon, it's a part of my plan to make a program to autoupdate every minimod, which might take some time so at least, I can have support for the recipe mods :3.
Published on Dec 04 2012, 17:53


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May 24 2013, 01:07

Please make the recipeloader or what you call it 1.5.2 i want recipes :(

May 22 2013, 02:29

Please make this recipe thing for 1.5.2

Dec 01 2012, 16:13


Nov 30 2012, 23:24

Hope u finish it soon!!! plz wrok on the auto update wheni sub to stego spam mod never got update after i what it :( BADLY


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