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The database has been cleaned up to remove spam, so comments on mods and articles are now available for viewing again.
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Published on Jun 26 2016, 20:19
The update is being worked on, unfortunately not all things are working. You can watch status of all features inside the article - updates every 50 seconds by reloading the page, unless you're typing a comment.
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Published on Jan 01 2014, 15:22
I've been updating minimods for quite a while now, and today I took the ones that are finished and uploaded them! At this moment, there are 36 minimods updated to 1.5.1 (forge), and more are about to come throughout this week. You can watch a video where I explain stuff, plus I show a little bit of Behind the ... something, basically a showcase of my testing world where nearly all currently updated minimods have been tested :D.

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Published on Apr 30 2013, 00:35

Many people were constantly spamming comments with short messages like 'UPDATE!!!', and after a long time, I finally dug into my updating process and realized how much efficiently I could be doing stuff. After a few little programs I made to make everything simpler and faster, I can now update one mod in about 2 to 10 minutes, that depends on size of the mod.

At pace of updating about 6 minimods every day (that depends on school), it'll take just a bit over a week to get all minimods updated. If I can do more, I will. But no promises ;).

By the time I'm writing this post, I have 11 minimods updated, some of them still need to be uploaded but that should be fairly quick. If you're really, really desperate to have a certain mod, post a comment into this post and I'll increase its priority ;).

Now, how about modpacks? I've got almost every source code of all minimods in one folder, so it shouldn't take that much time to do modpacks now. I can't promise it being compatible with forge though, but at least, the minimods will be compatible. I don't want to say an exact date, but I'll start working on the modpack after I finish updating, and it shouldn't take longer than a day.

If you have any questions about updating, or want a mod to be updated faster, feel free to leave a comment here, and if you want, I wouldn't mind a small donation for all the work :) (not forcing you, it just makes me happy :D).

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Published on Jan 07 2013, 23:18
Short article about some changes I'm planning to do, concerning all recipe minimods. If you didn't know it, every single recipe minimod uses my own private system RecipeLoader to make every recipe mod compatible, so I'm planning a brand new download system for the recipe mods.

--- EDIT ---

Custom recipe downloader is done, you can access it by clicking this link! Select recipe minimods you want and download them all at once!

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Published on Dec 04 2012, 17:53
Could a simple idea be realized? This is a Minecraft Protocol, allowing people to join servers from the comfort of their desktop or browser. Or will allow. Check the video (click Read full article...) and post your feedback, as what sounds like a simple idea, could turn into a revolution.
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Published on Oct 02 2012, 17:10

I've updated the site a few minutes ago, now you can use cool links to link mods and articles, and not just having an ugly link looking like - now it looks like (but old links still work, because we can't change already existing links on realm video descriptions).

If you find any error, tell me, even though I've tested all stuff like comments, voting, downloading, but there's a little chance I missed something.

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Published on Aug 29 2012, 09:51
Automatically updating progress of updating my mods to 1.3! Updates every 50 seconds by reloading the page, doesn't reload if you're typing something in comments.
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Published on Aug 14 2012, 20:13

Last few days have been pretty energy-draining, I've updated Better Sprinting, Absorbing Chests+, first episode of mini mods went up early and I had to finish some stuff, and now I got another update requests.

But don't worry, I'm here for you, so you can expect update of Admin GUI that'll add buttons that don't involve players (buttons like Day, Night, Toggle rain etc.) and quick update of Hardcore Enderdragon, that'll turn off the unfinished attack.

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Published on Jun 09 2012, 16:46


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