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RecipeImage(s) of craftingDownloads
IceRecipe 1  Recipe 2  1905
MyceliumRecipe 1  1856
NetherbrickRecipe 1  1671
Old book recipe1712
Old glistering melon992
Old golden apple977
SpongeRecipe 1  1840
StonebricksRecipe 1  Recipe 2  Recipe 3  Recipe 4  2078

Installation guide

Installation of recipes is the same as with every other mod on this website, copy everything (INCLUDING recipes folder containing .txt files) into minecraft.jar and delete META-INF (if you chose Forge version, you can also put the whole ZIP file into /mods/ folder, and also make sure you've installed Forge!). If you want full, detailed installation guide, click me for forge, or me for other versions.


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