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Published on Jun 26 2016, 20:09


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Oct 27 2012, 09:41

okay 1.4.2 killed it can you please make an update so netherbrick mod works on this

Oct 26 2012, 06:46

*foams at the mouth* FINALLY IT WORKS but now im kicking notch he released 1.4.2 and now idk if mod will work on updated game

Oct 25 2012, 23:10

Yes, you have to.

Oct 25 2012, 19:41

okay got both mods, did exactly what you said, mod still isnt working do i have to delete the meta-inf file?

Oct 25 2012, 13:44

Try different browser, tried it and it works :/

Oct 25 2012, 08:57

its saying your download archive for sponge mod 1.3.2 is blocked any ideas?

Oct 24 2012, 20:26

Download Craftable Sponges, copy only .class files into minecraft.jar, then download Craftable Nether Brick and copy only the "recipes" folder into minecraft.jar ;) a little trick

Oct 24 2012, 08:59

hey there any chance you can please make a craftable nether brick mod for 1.3.2 i tried your nether brick mod which you made on 1.3.1 and it wont work on 1.3.2, can you please make an updated version

Sep 23 2012, 21:42

Possibly add me on skype, that's the best solution because website messages are limited ;).

Sep 23 2012, 18:10

i need help in making a mod if your not too busy

Sep 23 2012, 18:06

can you help me please

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